My name is Wesley Cox, CCIM. I am a Senior Advisor at SVN | Miller Commercial Real Estate.  I have been here since Brent and Amy Miller brought the company to the town.  I have been working on a team, the Hanna team, since the beginning of me getting into the business for over 18 years now and we have been working side by side serving our clients as a team here at SVN for the last 13 years.  It is compromised of Henry Hanna, myself and Flo Adams.  We are all licensed.  Henry and I have the CCIM designation and Henry has the SIOR designation and those are really a very small subgroup of the entire broker community; they are the elite commercial real estate agents which is probably the simplest way of putting it.  Not anybody can get those designations. We are proud of those, we wear them on our jackets, we put them in our marketing materials because it really separates us from those that haven’t achieved that level of success.  So, my team that I just described, we have completed over one thousand transactions, totaling over $500,000,000 in commercial real estate volume.  That is just our track record but more importantly we don’t focus on those things.  More importantly, when I enter in a relationship, I try to establish a culture of trust right from the very beginning.  We are at an increasingly chaotic, political and corporate environment and the public is demanding trust more and more.  We are being held accountable just like our political and corporate leaders are.  We take that very seriously.  So, how do we do that?  We do it by right from the very beginning establishing a culture of trust.  So, I like starting off a client relationship with honesty and showing right from the very beginning our level of integrity.  I don’t go into the listing presentation promising that I have all the answers, promising that I have the buyer or the prospect for their property just to get the listing.  I go into that relationship, again, with the culture of trust, establishing that we are here looking out for their interests.  There is so much more to commercial real estate brokerage than just finding the buyer.  The buyers are out there. They are going to find you in some cases if your property is very attractive or in short supply but our job is to truly represent the clients’ interest to get them the highest value for their property, to help them avoid the pitfalls that come up in all sorts of commercial real estate transactions. So, if we start the transaction and the client relationship with a foundation of honesty, trust and integrity, then we are going to have a client for life, not just for one transaction.