SVN Advisor Insights would like to present Allison Conick


Allison Conick 

My name is Allison Conick, I go by Allie, and I am an advisor for SVN | Miller Commercial Real Estate, in the Salisbury office and I specialize in land, farms, and agricultural operations. Land is one our most valuable and limited resources we have. The stability and simplicity of investing strategically in land can be as lucrative as most long-term investments. There are many ways for land to be income producing right from the start, whether it is leasing for agricultural purposes, solar, timber, recreationally, even some conservation practices can produce income with very little to no expense needed. Whether you are looking to purchase or sell land as a family, a farmer, an investor, a land developer, or even a financial institution, working with a dedicated specialist can help ease the whole process and help you understand the best use for your land and more about the property. Unlike buying a residential home on an acre, a farm is very unique and there is special considerations and obstacles that you need to look out for and working with an expert in that field will only add to the success of that operation. Agriculture is Maryland’s number one commercial industry and Delaware and Southern Virginia are right there at the top, ranked nationally, with agricultural products as well. We are very fortunate right here on the Delmarva Peninsula that we can grow, raise, produce, and manufacture goods that we can reach major cities in such a short amount of time. That all provides us to have a strong, striving agricultural community and success here on the shore. Poultry is one of our unique industry segments here on Delmarva. One of the reasons why it is a very lucrative and sought-after business is because of our availability to having multiple integrators here on the shore. When considering buying or selling your poultry farm it is truly important to work with a specialist who can help you identify the life span of that operation, the quality and care of the equipment, and most importantly, the income that you could generate off of that square footage. Having a dedicated advisor with years of experience can help you identify and mitigate environmental and regulatory issues from the start and help you answer those questions and protect you in sales agreements. Whether buying or selling a farm, field, or forest, we here at SVN are proud to be your entrusted advisors and guide you through the process, whether you are a landowner or developer here on the shore. One of the many reasons why I came to SVN for a strong partnership was their commitment to their community and their reach nationally and internationally. The partnerships that I have seen at the local level and the opportunities that I see for many of my clients, I am just excited for what the future holds.