SVN Advisor Insights would like to present Tonney Insley.

Tonney Insley

My name is Tonney Insley, and I grew up here in Salisbury, Maryland.  I left here for college.  I landed in Washington D.C., left the D.C. area, came back to my roots, brought my wife and my kids with me, and started up a career in commercial real estate with SVN-Miller.

Your real estate license is a Salesperson’s License.  You’re called a salesman.  I think generically in the market of real estate, in general, people are referred to as, the sales people are referred to as, agents.  We call ourselves advisors, and I think we take that pretty seriously.  I know I do.

When I’m working with a client, I am offering them advise that I feel will benefit them.  That advisory service goes from their particular property or the assignment itself, but it also takes into account what their situation is.  If they are trying to sell a property because they are trying to prepare for a retirement, or they’re trying to sell their property because their business is expanding and they’re trying to maximize the exposure and equity that they can pull out of the physical pieces of real estate, that is an advisory service, and it’s multifaceted.

You want to make sure that your client that you have a relationship with is getting what they need, whether that’s from you or through you.  I bring a personal side to this business, and I really, I’m invested in my clients, and I want the best for them.  As far as SVN, the brand of SVN and the SVN-Miller culture, I think is one of collaboration.  I think it’s one of making sure that clients are served, but partners are also served and those partners are other advisors in our office.  They’re other sales agents in the market.  We want to cooperate.  We want to collaborate.  And we want everyone ultimately to get a good investment and get value out of a transaction.

Tonney Insley | Advisor