SVN Advisor Insights would like to present Rick Tilghman.

Rick Tilghman, CCIM and CPM
Director of Property Management

I got into the business about 13 years ago. I have been in sales my entire life and commercial sales was something I had also wanted to get in to. SVN Miller is a full brokerage commercial office. We do the sales and leasing and then what I like to say “the other side of the business” which is the property management. We manage the assets for a lot of our clients.  We have been managing properties for over 30 years now. Currently we manage over 3 million sq. feet of property in the Delmarva region with a reach out as far as Houston, TX. We can manage locally, or we can manage anywhere in the United states with the affiliation that we have with SVN. That gives us the upper edge when there is no place to far. We manage anything from shopping centers, retail, office buildings, multi family, and condo associations. We have some properties that are well over 100k sq. ft down to 5,000 sq. ft. There’s no property too large or too small. We are not a company that only manages big stuff, we can manage the small stuff, those are the ones that pay off the most. It comes to a point where should I hire management or manage myself? My answer to that is what is your time worth? How much time do spend on your property currently? How much time to do you spend answering phone calls in the middle of the night because there is an emergency? Why not let someone else do that? I think people would be very surprised. If your worth $100/hr. and you spend 10 hours on your property a month, that equals $1000.00 per month. I guarantee we can manage it for less than that. Not only manage the issues, we are doing your bookwork, paying your bills, sending monthly reports, everything is prepared for your annual taxes. All you must do is say, “send me my report and send me my money.” We communicate with everyone along the way.

When they ask me, “who does property management?”, I say everyone does. It doesn’t have to be the big shopping centers. I’d say a big portion of our portfolio is smaller stuff, properties under 20,000 sq. ft. I think the biggest misconception people have is their property isn’t big enough. Every property qualifies, you just need to weigh out the benefits and see if it is worth it for you.

Rick Tillman | Director of Property Management