SVN Advisor Insights would like to present Kelly Jeter.

Kelly Jeter

My name is Kelly and I am an Associate Advisor.  I work for John McClellan, who is a Senior Advisor here at SVN.  So, I have one of the best mentors here in the building.  As I grow and become more knowledgeable, he certainly gives me the freedom to take the reins in my own projects and make a name for myself in the commercial real estate industry as well.  I have become a part of the Greater Salisbury Leadership Program and it is fascinating.  You get to go to all different types of businesses and institutions in the community-places that you may not have been able to go to otherwise.  So, you are really getting a lot of knowledge as to what is not only going on in the community but what needs improvement.  So, myself and a few advisors, we are working on getting our CCIM designation.  It is definitely an important aspect to elevate yourself and your business.  It offers a lot of insight into financial analysis and investment and in just taking a first class alone, I feel like it increased my knowledge exponentially.  Even when I am assisting John with an investment property, I now know what he is talking about and can have an educated conversation with him about the property.  So, having that designation, and hopefully I will have that in the next couple years, will really be an asset to both myself and to our team.  I think of us as a tool in their toolbox, much like they have a CPA or a lawyer to advise them in their areas of expertise, we are there to advise them in the realm of commercial real estate.