SVN Advisor Insights would like to present Henry Hanna.

Henry Hanna, CCIM, SIOR
Council Chair of Industrial Properties

My name is Henry Hanna.  I’ve been a commercial real estate broker here in the lower Eastern Shore for over 40 years.  I’ve had a chance to have a lot of different experiences.

Many of my successful clients I’ve worked with over several decades, and they’ve become very successful in acquiring properties, in building their net worth.  Now they’re at a stage in their lives where they’re beginning to say how do I unwind and reposition myself. So what we try and do is help them develop a plan. They’ve usually worked with a step-by-step plan to acquire their real estate, and now we try and help them look at their goals today and see how we can help them unwind to get the maximum value for their properties, minimize the tax impact and to plan for retirement income and to leave their families secure for the future.

We’ve developed a team of people to help serve our clients, and that includes Wesley Cox who’s the, I call him the young man on our team, but Wesley has now got over 15 years’ experience working with us.  He graduated from Salisbury University and was headed to be a stockbroker before we saved him and pulled him back to consider a career in commercial real estate.  And then Flo Brotzman is my assistant, and Flo and I have worked together for over 20 years.  She has a license and so she interacts a great deal with our clients.  Between the three of us, we think we give almost 24/7 service to our clients.  There’s always one of us available, and with that team we think we give the best exposure for helping resolve someone’s problems or get their property sold.

I think one of the things to consider with our team is that we’ve built a reputation for people being able to trust us and that we will put their goals and their needs before our own.  We’re happy to provide names of people we’ve dealt with in the past, and I think that’s the first thing people want – someone they can trust, they can share their goals with, and they know that we will help them try and achieve those goals and we’ll work hard to do it.

Henry Hanna, CCIM, SIOR | Council Chair of Industrial Properties