SVN Advisor Insights would like to present Chris Peek.

Chris Peek
Advisor, CCIM

Hi, I am Chris peek with SVN Miller Commercial Real Estate and my specialties are commercial real estate and specifically a focus on industrial and leasing. I have been selling real estate on the eastern shore since 1987 so better than 30 years now and I’ve been with SVN Miller Commercial Real estate for about 12 years. I think basically the primary value proposition for myself and for SVN Miller is that we are specialists. We specialize and we focus in commercial real estate. We don’t dabble in residential or any other thing. That focus allows us to bring to the table knowledge and possibilities that are not available to folks who are only doing this on a part time basis.

We have decades of intense commercial knowledge and experience in our office, at our meetings that we can go to, rely on, and interface with for deals that may not be done otherwise. Somebody may know about a property that is available, somebody may know about a buyer that is available, all that is together in our office. That crucible allows us to be an Extraordinarily effective for those we are marketing property for, or who we are trying to find property for because there is so much out there that is not in necessarily the multiple list, the website. Stuff that we may only know because we had a conversation or relationship with somebody out there and it is surprising how many of those deals, how many tens of hundreds of millions of dollars in total of deals that are done just on those basis, because somebody knows somebody, we know somebody, we know a property, we have knowledge of something that is out there. So not only do we bring to the table as far as a value proposition, all the standard stuff with regard to the listing, the marketing, the drone. We have all the sophisticated tools of modern representation, but we also have a focus and concentration in our office that is not seen anywhere else in this region of a number of people that are all about commercial real estate. That’s what let’s us get deals done.