SVN Advisor Insights would like to present Andy Ball.

Andy Ball

Hi, I am Andy Ball.  I am an Eastern Shore native with over twenty years of experience in sales and management.  I have been in real estate for about ten years and am working into my third year with SVN-Miller.  I work as both a Property Manager and Advisor.  I am working on advanced designations in both areas: CPM for Property Management and CCIM for Brokerage.  Being a property manager, you are with tenants and landlords long after the leases are signed or commissions are payed, whether I am involved in the transaction or not.  A lot of the issues that we see during the lease, I feel that gives me a good advantage when I am brokering the deal for both tenant and landlord, just to protect each fairly.  Doing the leasing for the properties that I manage makes a lot of sense for the owners because I have a long-term investment in each tenant.  My recommendations to the landlord regarding tenant mix or use goes well beyond maybe someone not as familiar with the property.  A property manager can play an amazing role in the due diligence or study period just keeping that client interested, updated on the projects that have happened, projects that might happen, improvements and give them a good idea with what’s happening with their potential tenant mix.  Lastly, the relationships that you build with these property owners, it’s in an advisory capacity all the time so when they want to expand their portfolio, more than likely they are going to come back to you for advice.  When I was going through the hiring process with SVN, I just kept hearing the word synergy repeatedly; Synergy between the team members, between the departments and I really didn’t understand what that meant until I became part of the team but it’s definitely accurate through the brokerage, property management and maintenance.  It’s so intertwined, a well-oiled machine and it ends up really helping us support our core covenants, especially creating amazing value for our clients, colleagues and communities: It’s synergy one hundred percent.