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The Miller Principle

Our Three Tenets of Maximizing Value

Succeeding in Commercial Real Estate is Our Passion and Life’s Work

Each client will receive:

  1. Informed consultation and services towards the goal of maximizing longterm investment in commercial real estate
  2. The benefit of the entire national commercial real estate industry, as well as the SVN National Network, in accessing, assessing, buying, and selling commercial real estate
  3. customized services package designed and implemented for the specific situation at hand

1. Maximize Longterm Investment

Each client will receive informed consultation and services towards the goal of maximizing longterm investment in commercial real estate.

Longterm Strategy

Your long-term real estate investment strategy is our primary focus. Regardless of the project or deal at hand, we are serving you in your longterm goals. Our clients are clients for life.

Tactical Implementation

We have every skill set and/or network contact needed for full tactical implementation of any commercial real estate investment strategy. From advising, to brokerage, to property management, and more – we do it all.

2. Leverage National Network

Each client will receive the benefit of leveraging the entire national commercial real estate industry network, as well as the SVN National Network, in any one deal as well as in the overall strategy.

Leverage Entire Industry

We believe in leveraging the entire nationwide commercial real estate industry for each deal we work. We believe that all parties win when there is more inclusion in the process.

SVN National Network

As a SVN company, we have a close-knit network of collaborative partners. We work with, get help from, and learn from other SVN professionals across the nation on a regular basis.

The SVN Difference is maximizing value by creating exposure to the entire brokerage community through collaboration and shared fees.

3. Custom Service Packages

What Are Your Needs?

Every project is unique.
Are you selling, buying, leasing, or managing?

Custom Services Packages

Clients receive custom services packages designed and implemented for the specific needs of their projects.

What are the specifics of your project(s)?

Tenant Relations
Regular tenant meetings
Monthly billing statements and copies of all invoices
Property Inspections
Personal visits on a regular basis
Marketing and Leasing
Market analysis for competitive pricing
Re-negotiation of leases
Assume responsibility for leasing vacant space
Buyer's Agency
Seller's Agency
Property Maintenance
Development of annual maintenance plan
Manage preventative maintenance contracts with subcontractors
Available on a 24-hour basis for emergencies
Financial & Administration
Accounting services
Detailed monthly financial reporting
Accounts payable service
Budget preparation and analysis
Collections management and cash flow analysis

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